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Q: Headphones can not boot, boot no response does not light?

A: 1, the headset may be dead, you need to fully charge, charging more than 30 minutes, there is still no bright spot, then the battery may be a problem. 2, chip data problems, you can try to restore the headset factory settings.

Q: Headphones can not connect, search not?

A: 1, improper operation, the headset is only turned on, did not enter into the state being searched, be sure to ensure that the headset in the red and blue flashing state can be searched to 2, if the headset is in the red and blue lights flashing alternately, the phone still can not Search, you can restore the headset under the factory settings, and then connect.

Q: Can search for headphones, but not connected.

A: If the phone can search for the Bluetooth headset, but can not connect, may be abnormal Bluetooth data on the phone, you need to delete the phone before the connection record, restart the phone, re-search the connection.

Q: Headphones charge not into electricity?

A:1, for a charging cable for charging. 2, charging is light.

Q: Intermittent sound, noise?

A: 1, phone or headset power shortage, the headset is fully charged. 2, mobile phones or headphones connected too far away, or there are obstacles leading to signal instability, signal interference such as WIFI, reset the headset, the headset is fully charged, to the place without signal interference. 3, when walking the headset to put on the same side of the headset with the pocket.

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